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Tweakbox for iPhone – Along with the growing popularity of smartphones, application developers focus on attracting users by developing various applications. iOS is the second most prominent cellular operating system with millions of users in the iPhone and iPad lineup. These users download one hundred applications from the App Store, which has millions of applications. But on the App Store, some of the most useful applications need to be purchased. Most users don’t want to spend more money than they already have on an iPhone. Users do not feel the urgency in buying apps from the App Store. We will talk about an amazing third-party installer for iOS devices called TweakBox for iPhone / iPad.

Tweakbox for iPhone

In addition to paid applications, several application categories are not available on the App Store. This includes emulators, tweak/crack applications, game patches, or ++ applications that add additional features to the native application. One way to get this application is to jailbreak your iOS device and install Cydia on it. But only a few percents of users are ready to risk jailbreaking their iOS device. So, for these people, we will discuss here a better alternative installer for Cydia that will allow them to install all applications that cannot cut in the App Store without jailbreaking TweakBox.

Features Tweakbox for iPhone

A special feature of TweakBox is that the development team makes many consistent efforts behind the scenes so that TweakBox continues to deliver on its promises to users. New applications and games every day become part of TweakBox so users don’t have to rely on other applications to download tweaked iOS applications.

  • The size of the TweakBox inventory on iOS is unimaginable. It has many applications that are modified and tweaked under its hood. Also, with new applications and games being added every day, inventory is getting bigger.
  • Every iOS application that you need is available at TweakBox. In extreme cases, if you cannot find a particular application in TweakBox, you can submit a request to the development team to add the same based on priority. The development team will immediately start working at your request and make that particular application part of TweakBox on the iPhone / iPad in a few days.
  • Updated TweakBox on iOS is completely free to download. Any applications in TweakBox are free to download. There are no hidden costs involved with TweakBox.
  • An update for the downloaded application also appears. They attack as notifications on your iOS device and you can choose to update there and then or delay the same to a time that is more convenient for you.
  • The Latest TweakBox user interface on iOS is the same as the official Apple App Store. Therefore, you will not face any problems when passing applications and downloading applications from there.
  • Regardless of the size of the inventory, TweakBox is a lightweight application that doesn’t take up much space on your iOS device.

Its features are of course great. Do you want to download TweakBox now? Well! See the steps to download and install TweakBox on iOS [iPhone / iPad].

Download and Install TweakBox for iOS [iPhone/iPad]

Installing TweakBox on iOS is amazingly easy. Please launch Safari Browser from your iPhone / iPad and click the link given below. (Tweakbox mobile config file)

Wait for web pages to load. After the webpage has loaded, you will see an ‘Install TweakBox button.’ Tap the button to start the TweakBox installation process on your iOS device.

Tweakbox download on iOS

After you press the button, your iPhone / iPad ‘Settings‘ will open where you have to install the TweakBox profile. Tap ‘Install’ and after a successful installation, tap ‘Done.

Install Tweakbox App

Before launching TweakBox, don’t forget to trust the TweakBox profile in Settings -> General -> Device Profile & Management. Without trusting the profile, TweakBox will give you the error of an untrusted Developer Company Developer ’.

There she is! You can find the TweakBox icon now on the home screen of your iOS device.

Tweakbox installed

How To Use TweakBox on iPhone/iPad

After you launch TweakBox, a similar interface like the Apple App Store will welcome you.

You need to navigate to the ‘Applications‘ section that has a Paid category’ as well.

Tweakbox Apps categories

From this ‘Paid‘ category, you can download the iOS app for free which is held by the Apple App Store as ‘Paid.’

Tap the application that you want to download.

Tap on ‘Get‘ to begin the installation procedure. Within a few minutes, your iOS device’s home screen will hold the application icon.

Choose game from Tweakbox

Don’t forget to trust the downloaded application profile before you continue and launch the same.


Final Words

Downloading and installing tweak applications on iOS devices is now easier with applications like TweakBox. Involved with TweakBox, one can install several Tweaked applications on their iOS devices at no cost at all. This article is dedicated to you if you don’t know how to download and install TweakBox on your iPhone / iPad without Jailbreak. By following the guidelines above, you will find the best solution for how to download and install the TweakBox application on an iOS device.

If you have further questions related to the post above, just write your question in the comments column. We will try to help you with the best solution as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting.

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