Tongbu for iOS 12/11/10 [iPhone/iPad] Download 2019

Tongbu for iOS: We all love to have premium apps on our smartphones, but we fail to do so because the prices are quite expensive. But no longer if you have the Tongbu application, then you don’t need to worry about getting this premium application or game because you can get it through this application. Download the Tongbu application You can get premium applications and all your favorite games for free. So now you don’t pay at all to get expensive applications and get them on your iOS device.

Tongbu iOS

This is the best for downloading unlimited amounts of premium apps and games on your iOS device at no charge. The best part about downloading this application is that you don’t need to rest. This application is fully compatible with all the latest versions of the iOS application so you don’t need to worry that the app will expire. And there are great features of this application.

Features of Tongbu App for iOS 12/11/10+

Following are features Tongbu for iOS 12/11, iOS 11.1 & 10+ iPhone / iPad applications.

  • The application user interface is very easy and simple; users can easily navigate and use this device.
  • One can download thousands of premium applications and unlimited game applications on their iOS devices using the Tongbu application.
  • There are no hidden fees in this application for premium apps or games too!
  • One can also transfer media files, music and data or PDF from your computer to your iOS device using the Tongbu application.

Now I am sure you are tempted enough to download this application, and if you haven’t already done so here we are with easy steps to download this application on your iOS device. Also, check out our previous fantastic guide on “HipStore for iOS 12/11.1 / 11 + iPhone / iPad Without Jailbreak“.

Download Tongbu iOS 12/11/10+ iPhone/iPad

  1. The first step is to open the Safari browser on your device, and now if you have opened this search, the address is mentioned below in your search bar.
  2. Open, using your safari browser’s address bar. Click Install.
  3. After you open the address, two options will blink on your iOS device, one for a corrupted jail device and the other for a non-jail device.
  4. The installation process will now begin and in no time the icon will appear on the screen of your iOS device. But before the installation method is complete, visit your phone’s settings so go to the profile choices and Trust the Tongbu application.
  5. Now using this application and the search bar you can download and there is no premium application on your device and enjoy premium applications for free.

Final Words

Although this application is in the Chinese version it is quite easy to use this application because it is quite user-friendly. Even a beginner can get this application without problems such as the English language application tongbu. So now download this amazing application and open the gateway to unlimited premium applications on your iOS device with tongbu for iOS 12, 11.1, iOS 11 and iOS 10+ devices. If you have questions or suggestions, please write in the comments column. Thanks for visiting.

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