Download SNES4iOS for iOS 12 on iPhone/iPad

SNES4iOS for iOS – Even after many years after it was launched, Nintendo games are still everyone’s favorite. Because game consoles are not much liked because of the increasing number of games and features on smartphones, many iOS users want to get old classic games on their iDevice.

With SNES4iOS, you can get all Nintendo and other games on your iOS device and that too for free. This is a game emulator that features games from more than 18 different game consoles. Many new trending games are also included in the database. SNES4iOS provides the best games on iOS with the best quality. It provides a great user interface for iOS users to enjoy their favorite games all in one application.

SNES4iOS for iOS

The official app store does not include SNES4iOS for iOS. We must use an alternative application for this. AppValley gives you free access to mod applications, emulators, games, etc. You can install SNES4iOS on iOS using AppValley. We have given instructions in the next section. If you player GBA, You can download iGBA emulator for iOS and GBA emulator is available for iOS.

Features SNES4iOS for iOS

SNES4iOS is the most popular iOS game emulator to play game console games like Nintendo. iDevices perfectly supports this application and offers a user friendly environment to play it.

  1. It has retro games from game consoles like Nintendo, PS, SNES, GBA, etc.
  2. All games are available free.
  3. This gives you a ROM file for downloading games and playing them offline.
  4. Emulator supports iCloud service.
  5. You can exit the game whenever you want and it will be automatically saved.
  6. This application is easy to operate. You can even play multiplayer games online by connecting with friends.

How to Install SNES4iOS for iOS using AppValley

You can access the largest collection of retro games from SNES4iOS on iOS. You can install the application using AppValley. Follow the method given below.

  1. The first step is to open Download the Latest Updated AppValley using the Safari Browser which will take you to the official AppValley website.
  2. You must tap the Install button and AppValley will be installed.
  3. Now you have to open Settings and go to Profile & Device Management. You have to Trust AppValley.
  4. Open the AppValley application and search for SNES4iOS.
  5. The application will be displayed. Tap the Install button next to it and SNES4iOS will be downloaded.
  6. You need to navigate to Settings and tap Device Profile & Management. Activate the SNES4iOS Trust option.


Using AppValley, you downloaded SNES4iOS on iOS for free. This is a safe and easy way to get your favorite retro and classic games on iOS without jailbreak. You can connect with people from all over the world and play multi-player games of the highest quality. This gives you exceptional game options and special controls. So download this emulator now.

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