Panda Helper iOS 12 App Download 2020 Latest Version

Panda Helper iOS is a great alternative to Cydia and a powerful unofficial application installer. It has a large selection of applications, games, and tweaks to choose from, quite a lot of things to choose from. And all for free.

It is also one of the safest and easiest application installers to use and the full SSL encryption feature. Downloads are very fast, and almost don’t require any space on your device. Want to know how to get all the applications and games you want for free? Read on for download details.

Panda Helper iOS

What is Panda Helper iOS?

Panda Helper iOS is a free platform for downloading games and applications for free on the iOS system. You can also install applications on an Android device. This application allows users to download the paid App Store application for free.

The most important feature of this software is the ability to do it without jailbreaking or giving an Apple ID. The default download manager helps you track all current tasks and downloaded files. Navigate through the software and game list and install all the apps or games that you like on iOS.

How to Download Panda Helper iOS

Downloading the installer is quite simple, it’s just a case of installing a configuration profile to your device: Link Download.

  1. Tap one of the download buttons, then tap Install on the next page.
  2. Tap Install again when the Install Profile page loads and go to your home screen. Enter a passcode when asked.
  3. You will see that the application is installed on your home screen.
  4. Now you can use this application because you want to download applications and games for free.

Features Panda Helper

  • Easy to download
  • User-friendly application
  • Compatible with all iOS devices
  • No jailbreak needed
  • Thousands of applications and games, all for free
  • Good choice of games and 3rd party applications
  • All application updates are done through Panda Helper
  • Regular updates for bug fixes and for bringing new content

How to Install Applications & Games from Panda Helper Free

  1. Open the Panda Helper Application on your iDevices, there you can see 6 different categories as above which I mentioned there.
  2. Now choose what application or game you want to download at your end.
  3. Click on the application or game, you will get a pop-up, click Install to start the installation process.
  4. After the installation process is complete, click Finish.
  5. Now navigate to the home screen, there you can see the application installed successfully.

You can download Hipstore iOS for alternative Cydia.

Fix Panda Helper White or Blank Screen Error

Although it’s annoying, it’s not a serious problem and it’s easy to get rid of, you can try the following methods:

  1. Open your iOS settings
  2. Navigate to Safari and tap Clear Website Data
  3. The screen returns to normal

Fix Untrusted Developer Errors

When you first run the Helper, there is a high probability that you will see an Untrusted Developer error. This is Apple’s way of telling you that the source is unknown and, therefore, not trusted. Telling them to believe is simple.

  1. Open iOS Settings and tap General
  2. Go to Device Profile & Management and find the Panda Helper profile in the loaded list
  3. Tap on it then tap Trust
  4. Exit Settings, tap the Helper Panda icon, and it will function without errors appearing.

Final Words

I am trying my best to give you the best Cydia alternative for iDevices. Panda Helper helps you get all Tweak applications, modified applications, and games for free. Many free AppStore paid applications in this store. If you feel this article is also useful for others, then share this article with your friends and family, help them, also to get premium applications for free.

This article mainly concludes your How to Download Panda Helper, & How to Install Panda Helper for iPhone, iPad on iOS 7+, iOS 8+, iOS 9+, iOS 10+, iOS 11+, iOS 12+ without Jailbreak. If you encounter errors or problems when downloading and Installing, let me know via the comments section. Thanks for visiting.


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