NDS Emulator for iOS 12 Download (iPhone/iPad)

This time we will discuss about NDS Emulator for iOS, That is iNDS. We assume that iNDS is the best Nintendo DS emulator available from Cydia Repo for iOS 12. You can also install it without jailbreak or computer on iPhone 5 and above.

NDS emulator for iOS

What is iNDS emulator?

iNDS is the fork of William Cobb’s original iNDS emulator. Currently, emulation is supported by the DeSmuME ARM threaded interpreter and runs at almost full speed on the iPhone 5 and above. Because of the need to mmap the entire ROM into memory, devices with 256MB RAM are not supported.

These devices include iPod touch 4, iPad 1, iPhone 3GS, and anything under the device.

iNDS for iOS is packed with many useful features. Download the Nintendo DS ROM file directly to the application installed on your iPhone. Emulator allows you to search for game ROM files and download, extract, and manage them to run from the iNDS application. No need to use a PC or Mac to sideload the game.

From the Emulator Settings you can choose the control panel style. vibration power, disable the touch screen, ROM backup files in a Dropbox account, switch between available video filters, change game speed, speedup emulation by skipping frames, display FPS, activate full screen settings, and more.

How to install iNDS for iOS

Installing the Nintendo DS emulator on your device is very easy, and it’s best you don’t need to jailbreak iOS to make it work. Follow our step-by-step guide to download the iNDS application. To install the application, you need an iPhone with an internet connection. No computer needed.

Step 1. Click Install Now from your browser.

Step 2. Tap Install at the “want to install iNDS” message prompt.

Step 3. The iNDS application icon will appear on your Home Screen.

Step 4. Navigate to Settings → General → Device Management.

Step 5. Find the newly installed Company Application Certificate and believe it.

Step 6. Run the iOS iNDS application.

Now you can run applications like everything else installed on your iPhone. If the application doesn’t work, it can be associated with a certificate revoked by Apple. Basically, this means you need to reinstall the application to make it function again. Do all the steps from the beginning or use an alternative method.

How to Download iNDS IPA File

Download the iOS iNDS IPA file and sign it using the Impactor and sideload application. We provide a complete step-by-step guide on how to use Cydia Impactor to install IPA files on iOS.

Step 1. Download Cydia Impactor, and unzip the file.

Step 2. Download iNDS.IPA (15MB).

Step 3. Open the Cydia Impactor and navigate to Devices → Install Package.

Step 4. Select the iNDS .ipa file version 1.10.3 to install.

Step 5. Enter your AppleID and application-specific password to sign the application that is not provided by Apple.

Step 6. Add certificates to trusted from Settings → General → Device Management.

Setting aside IPA files has some big disadvantages. If you don’t buy an Apple Developer Certificate, the free one allows you to sing up to 3 applications per device and the certificate is only valid for 7 days. The application will not be revoked but after 7 days it is required to sing the file again.

How to Install iNDS from Cydia Repository

You are just steps from installing iNDS from the official Cydia Source. To add the iNDS Repository to your Cydia Resources list, follow our step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Open the Cydia application on your device.

Step 2. Tap Source → Edit → Add official iNDS Repo.

Step 3. Switch to the Search Tab and type iNDS.

Step 4. Tap the Install button.

Step 5. The application icon will be available from the home screen.

That was an iOS NDS Emulator article Please write in the comment column if you have any questions.

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