iTweaker for iOS Download (Update 2019) on iPhone/iPad

If you want to know How to get iTweaker For iOS 12 + / 11 + / 10 + / 9 + / 8 + / 7 + and also want to know How to get iTweaker Download on iPhone, iPad also without jailbreaking iDevices, then you are in the right place right to get one of the most popular third-party AppStore which is an alternative to Cydia and AppStore.

Hi Guys, if you are a person who is looking for an alternative App Store to get apps and games that are not available on the AppStore, then iTweaker is for you who can fulfill your dream of getting premium apps and games for free. I think Apple revokes and removes many applications and games for their AppStore because of its terms and conditions. But many of them always want to try it on our iOS devices too, if you want to try an app that was revoked from the AppStore, then Download iTweaker For iOS 7 + / 8 + / 9 + / 10 + / 11 + / 12 + on your iPhone or iPad.

iTweaker for iOS

I think you all know the official iOS AppStore has millions of apps and games. Some of them are free and some of them are premium which means you have to pay to download them. But when compared to the AppStore, this iTweaker application has a very low number of applications, but all applications and games available here are free to download. Let’s read more to find out how to download iTweaker for iPhone / iPad.

What is iTweaker?

iTweaker is like a third party AppStore that contains Premium apps and games, Tweak apps and games, Hacked apps and games, Application ++ and games for free. Applications and games available on this AppStore have additional features compared to the original application which means the applications and games available here are modified types of applications and games.

This third party appstore contains a package of Application ++ such as Spotify ++, Facebook ++, Instagram ++, and Tweaked applications such as the iPA Library, FlekStore, and many other social media applications and games. Here in this AppStore, you can get lots of free Jailbreak apps and games without Jailbreaking your iDevices. Sounds good doesn’t it? Okay, let’s move on to the iTweaker Download and Installation process on iOS.

Download iTweaker on the iPhone

The best part about this application is that this application is available for free which you also don’t need to jailbreak iDevices. Actually, when you want to get free premium apps and games on your iDevices, you have to jailbreak iDevices to get Cydia. I think you all know. What is Cydia? If you don’t know, you read the Cydia article for iOS.

But most iDevice users are not currently interested in jailbreaking their iDevice for Cydia, why because after jailbreaking your iDevice, you might lose your device’s warranty. So, if you jailbreak iOS devices only for Cydia, here on this website there are many Cydia alternatives available that help you get all Cydia applications and games on iDevices that don’t require jailbreak. However, before going to the iTweaker application installation process, let me tell you some interesting features about this application.

Features iTweaker on iOS

  • Free.
  • Application that is easy to navigate and user-friendly.
  • Premium software and games can be downloaded for free.
  • You can get modified applications and games for free.
  • No need to jailbreak.
  • The best Cydia and AppStore alternatives.
  • Lightweight application.
  • You can get Jailbreak apps and games without Jailbreaking iDevices.

Install iTweaker For iOS 12 + / 11 + / 10 + / 9 + Without Jailbreak

Step 1) First open your iDevices and then navigate to the link below.

Step 2) On the website, click the Install iTweaker button.

Install iTweaker iOS

Step 3) After clicking the iTweaker button you will get a pop-up like “This website tries to open Settings to display the configuration profile. Do you want to allow this? “Ignore everything, click Allow.

Tap on Allow

Step 4) Now you will automatically navigate to the Installation profile section, there Click Install which is in the upper right corner.

Click Install iTweaker on iOS

Step 5) Now wait a few more moments to complete the Installation process.

Step 6) After completing the Installation process, navigate to the home screen, there you can see the iTweaker App Installer successfully.

How to Use iTweaker App to Download Apps and Games

I think the iTweaker application is a very user friendly application where you can use it without knowing anything about it. Here in this article, I will show you how to download applications and games from the iTweaker application on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The iTweaker application has various categories such as Home, Packages and About. In the Home category, you can see everything about the application and the application developer accepts suggestions from users.

The package category again contains 4 different categories such as “Free/modified Applications”, “Utilities”, “Jailbreak Applications” and “Shortcuts”.

About Categories distinguishes all info about the developer and the applications and games available on this awesome iTweaker Appweore.

Download Apps and Games from iTweaker:

  • Free / modified applications: In this section, you can get all Tweak applications, hacked applications, and ++ applications and games for free. You can get applications like Spotify ++, Deezer ++, Youtube ++, and PokeGo ++.
  • Utilities: In this category, you can get all iDevice utilities like Torngat, FilzaEscaped, Carriercharger 12, and more.
  • Jailbreak application: The name itself explains this category. Here in this section, you can get Unc0ver, RootlessJB, Electra, Thor, Chimera.
  • Shortcut: With the help of this category you can improve Siri. Shortcuts section contains applications such as Install shortcuts, Respring, Dark mode, etc.

Finally, click on whatever application or game you want to install on your iDevices. After that navigate to the Installation application profile, there Click on the Install option. After that, follow the steps on the screen to install applications and games.

Final Words

That’s all, whatever I give here is enough to install the application without errors. I can definitely say this is one of the best Cydia alternatives for iDevice users that is not jailbroken. If you benefit from this article, then share this article with your friends and family.

This article mainly concludes you How to Download iTweaker & How to Install iTweaker on iOS 7+, iOS 8+, iOS 9+, iOS 10+, iOS 11+, iOS 12+ For iPhone and iPad also without Jailbreak. If you face problems while using this application, then share your problem with me, I will try my best to give you a better solution for your problem. Thanks for visiting.


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