Install Snapchat for iOS iPhone and iPad (2019)

In this post, we will discuss SnapChat for iOS on iPhone, iPad, and Non-Jailbreak Devices. SnapChat is one of the Top Rated Social Media Messaging Applications where every registered user can share their Pictures and Messages with friends and family members. But lately, many users are angry with SnapChat because the original application does not offer interesting features to us such as Video and Photo storage and Snap Read Bookmarks disappear etc.

Snapchat for iOS

What is SnapChat++?

SnapChat ++ is a Modified Version of the Original SnapChat Application that comes from the great Cydia store that allows us to use SnapChat with some cool features because this hacking version violates the original SnapChat Rules. The Main Interesting Feature of this Hack allows you to save and Upload Videos and Photos from SnapChat using the camera roll. SnapChat ++ is a tweaked version of the basic version.

Here Download and Install SnapChat ++ on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Devices without Jailbreak. Use Snaped Version Hacked ++ with some cool features. After Downloading and Installing the SnapChat ++ version You can also save your friend’s snaps and videos of your friends with the Camera Roll option. Let’s read more to know all about SnapChat ++ Tweak’s version.

Features on SnapChat++

  1. Now upload Photos and Videos from the Camera Roll Options.
  2. Save Snaps and Videos with the Camera Roll Option.
  3. Disable the Discover and Live stories section of your SnapChat.
  4. See your Friends shots without knowing also set a password to your account.
  5. See photos of your friends without Marking then Read.
  6. Clean UI.
  7. User-friendly application.
  8. No coding knowledge is required to use this application.
  9. You can enjoy all the hidden features available in the SnapChat application.

Install SnapChat++ For iOS 12+/11+/10+/9+/8+/7+ No Jailbreak

Step 1) First, Download and Install the AppValley App store on your iPhone, iPad device. AppValley has a large number of Cydia Tweaks and Games without any Price.

Step 2) After AppValley Store is Installed, Launch the Installer for SnapChat ++ Tweak Download.

Step 3) There, look at the bottom bar and click Applications and then Navigate to the Tweaked Application Category.

Navigate to Tweaked Apps Category

Step 4) Find SnapChat ++ Tweaks from the AppValley Tweaks Page, after seeing the list just click on it.

Choose Snapchat ++

Step 5) Now Click on the Button on the Next screen.

Tap on Install original button

Step 6) When the iDevice shows the installation, install the popup on the screen, so again click install on the popup box.

Click Install button

Step 7) Basically, SnapChat ++ is Medium Size Tweak and it takes five to ten minutes based on your Internet Connection speed.

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If you use SnapChat on your iPhone and want to sync with your iPad

This method is very simple which will help you get SnapChat for iPad in a few simple steps. You are good to use this method if you have Snapchat installed on your iPhone and you want to synchronize it with iPad. This way you don’t need to transfer photos from iPad to iPhone every time you want to share them with your friends. Look at:

Steps: 1 – Lift your iPad and go to the App store that lists all the applications.

Step: 2 – Tap on “Purchased” and it will fill all the applications that you have previously downloaded from this app store account.

Step: 3 – Because you have opened the app store from iPad, it recognizes the device and by default shows applications that are available for iPad only. Look for the button in the upper right corner that says “iPad Only”.

Step: 4 – Tap the “iPad only” button and change to “iPhone Application”. This will list all the applications that you have downloaded on your iPhone so far, including those that you have deleted after storing them on your iPhone for some time.

Step: 5 – Scroll down and the list shows SnapChat. Tap the SnapChat application and it will download it on your iPad.

Final Words

Finally, we hope this article helps you, just follow the steps above to download and install SnapChat ++ on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak and payment. After Saving your favorite Videos and Photos to your iDevice from Camera Roll. Hi, Buddy. Don’t forget to share our posts with your friends and family members.

This article mainly concludes your “How to Download SnapChat ++” & “How to Install SnapChat ++” on iOS 12+, iOS 11+, iOS 10+, iOS 9+, iOS 8+, iOS 7+ For iPhone / iPad Without Jailbreak . Sometimes you might encounter errors on your iDevices when using SnapChat ++, then comment on your query in the comments section, we will try to provide a better solution for you.

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