HipStore for iOS Download on iPhone [All OS Version]

Hipstore iOS – Are you an application enthusiast? Are you tired of using the official iTunes & Apps Store which has the highest security and that doesn’t let you experiment with your application without a penny?. Do you want to save all the money you spend on paid applications? HipStore is your road to go!.

Hipstore for iOS

Well, it’s about time you know how to get free iOS paid applications for free. The developers have come up with an exclusive application known as HiPStore that allows you to download all premium iOS applications for free. HiPStore download is a one application solution for everyone who wants to download iOS paid applications for free. To save money and also to get the application for free, you can download the HiPStore application and that too without jailbreaking the device.

What is HipStore iOS?

HiPStore is a web-based iOS application store for Non-Jailbreak iPhones, iPad Devices Likewise this is the Best Alternative for the Official Apple store, whereas Because it offers Many Apple Store Tweak Paid and Cydia Applications without Payment. Compared to other Third Party App stores such as vShare, Haimawan and TweakBox that update their data regularly.

Warning: The only reason we at igeekclass shared this guide (How to install iOS HipStore) is to help users try expensive applications before they decide to buy it. So my good advice to all my blog users, please use HipStore for educational or entertainment purposes only, never use this application for your commercial purposes.

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HiPStore is Designed with a Good User Interface and Likewise, It Offers Great Download Speeds even slow Internet Connectivity. On the other hand, this store does not have a download process to install the App store. After downloading and installing HipStore, you can get games and applications all for free. HipStore contains many screen recorders, more Applications, Hacked Games, Tweaked Applications and modified applications on the list.

Features of Hipstore iOS

There are many uses that can be obtained from hipstore applications. Here are some of the most popular features you might like.


The graphical user interface offered by hipstore is unique and free-flowing. Users can easily browse applications and search for their favorite paid applications and games.


Hipstore makes it easy for users to download paid services from their third-party app store. Search for the application and enter it in the queue to install it on your iOS device.


This application does not require access to jailbreak or any root permissions. The only thing needed to use this application is to accept its profile settings.

Extensive library

This application hosts countless paid apps and games from the iOS App Store. They also support young developers who cannot upload their applications in the iOS app store.

Indie applications and games

If you are a big fan of Indie games, then hipstore is the right place for you. Here you can download many unique and interesting platformers and games that are exclusive to this third-party app store.

Method 1: Download HipStore for iOS on iPhone / iPad via ios hipstore mobi

Step 1 – Open Safari and then visit the HiPStore Official Web page to Download and Install.

Step 2 – After the HiPStore Home Page is loaded, it will show a notification on the screen with the Install button, so just click the HipStore download button. (Here you will get 2 Download buttons, make sure you click the right one, it will depend on your iOS version).

ios hipstore mobi

Step 3 – Now Showing the Install Profile Page on the screen, There is Tap on Install.

Step 4 – While it displays a Pop-up Warning Message, Just Avoid the Message and Simply Tap on Install.

tap install hipstore

Step 5 – To complete this process, now you click on the Finish button.

Step 6 – Then, Return to the Home screen and find the HiPStore Application icon Next Tap and Open.

Method 2: Download & Install Hip4u for iOS on iDevices

Step 1 – First, open your Safari Browser on your iDevices and then navigate to the link below.

Step 2 – Now you will get a “open this page in the App Store” pop-up, just click Open.

click on open

Step 3 – Once again another pop-up will appear on the screen, just ignore it. Tap on Install.

click install hipstore

Step 4 – After Tap on Install, you will be asked to choose a language, choose English, I think it’s better to choose English and allow for Confirmation.

choose english language

Step 5 – Now the installation process will begin on the back of your iDevices after a while of navigating to your iDevice Home screen, there you can see that HipStore is Installed.

hipstore is installed

Step 6 – Finally, it’s time to open HipStore to enjoy all third-party applications and games for free. In addition, you can get premium apps and games for free.

Try Download HipStore Minecraft PE through HipStore on iOS

Step 1 – Open HIP4J on your iDevices and click on the Search icon in the upper right corner.

Step 2 – Now type Minecraft in the Search Bar, here you will get different results related to Minecraft, there Click on Minecraft Pocket Edition.

type minecraft

Step 3 – Now Tap the Download Arrow Down button to install the Minecraft HipStore version on your iDevices.

install minecraft PE

Step 4 – Here you will get a pop-up, Tap on Install to begin the Minecraft PE Installation process.

tap install minecraft

Step 5 – Click Install to start the Minecraft HipStore Installation.

Step 6 – Return to the home screen, there you can see Minecraft Downloaded & Installed Through HipStore.

Final Words

Because of this, you can download countless versions of the premium iOS application for free using HiPStore. If you experience difficulties and if you have questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to let us know via the comments column. Thanks for visiting.

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