Cyrus Installer iOS 12 Download

Now Cydia has been around for quite a while, hunting is the best alternative, and we have seen several in the past few months. The new one who fights for the top spot is called Cyrus Installer for iOS 12, and it offers something different from all the other Cydia alternatives we’ve seen.

Cyrus Installer iOS 12

What is Cyrus Installer iOS?

Where most Cydia alternatives offer some adjustments to their efforts that focus on third-party content for free, this goes one step further. This offers users what they really want – a large set of Cydia tweaks that have been redesigned to work without jailbreaking, giving everyone the choice to use them. What you will find in the installer is:

  • Tweaks – such as xCleaner, iCleaner, iTransmission, and others
  • Emulator – iNDS, Happy Chick, and many more
  • Applications – TutuApp, Pangu, Yalu102, Kodi and many more

This application offers a minimalist interface that is very user-friendly and has more than 80 tweaks and applications. That number is low compared to other Cydia alternatives, but this will develop in time, and the focus is on quality over quantity.

Everything offered by the installer makes it the ideal installer for everyone, both jailbreakers and non-jailbreakers. If you have ever used AppValley or TutuApp, you will find this works the same, easy to use, nothing complicated at all.

Features of Cyrus Installer iOS:

  • Cyrus Installer Shop Offers a Good User Interface, so there you can easily navigate in the App.
  • Get Cydia Tweaks, Emulators, and Utility Tools without Jailbreak and Payment.
  • For Tweaks Downloads in this Store, Apple ID and Password Are Not Required.
  • It is fully encrypted with an SSL Certificate. So that gives protection to the user’s personal information.
  • No need to jailbreak your iDevice to get this application.
  • Free apps and premium games in this application.
  • Mods are also available in the Cyrus Installer.
  • This application functions like a Cydia alternative for iDevice users who are not jailbroken.

Install Cyrus Installer For iOS 12 Without Jailbreak

Step 1 – For Cyrus Tweak No-Jailbreak Installers or Payment required. So just launch the Safari Browser on your iPhone. Then look at the Top bar and click on the Search Box and URL type below provided by the Official Webpage Link.

Step 2 – After Loading the Cyrus Installer Home Page, there you can see the Download option on the screen, Download the Foe Cyrus Installer App and Install simply Click on the Download Button.

Download Cyrus for iOS

Step 3 – After that, you can see the Install profile page on the screen so look at the upper right corner and click on the install button.

Install Cyrus iOS 12

Step 4 – It will now display an Install or Popup Warning Message on the screen with Install Options. After exiting the Pop-up screen again click Install.

Step 5 – After that just Tap Done and Return to the Home screen There find the Cyrus Installer Application store.

Install Tweakbox Finish

Step 6 – Tap and Launch Shop on the screen, There Choose your favorite tweak to download.

How to use Cyrus Installer on the iPhone

When you open Cyrus Installer you can see the “Home”, “Applications”, “Info” sections at the bottom of the screen.

Cyrus homepage
  • Homepage: In this section, you can see all the updated applications, welcome notes, frequently asked questions, donations etc …
  • Applications: Tweaked applications, Games, ++ Apps, Mods, and all applications that you can download on your iDevices.
  • Info: This section shows us store copyrights, contacts to support, and information from the Application developer, you can also change the store theme from this place.
  • Emulator: This section contains Emulators such as Happy Chick, GBA4iOS, Delta, NDS4iOS etc.
  • Entertainment: This section mainly contains Screen recorders like Airshou, Vidyo, and iRec etc … and you can stream music and movies offline, Time PopCorn, YoutubeDL are some of the applications of this section.
  • Social Media: This category has tweaked Social Media applications such as Snapchat ++, Instagram ++, Facebook ++, Twitter ++, Tweetbot 4 ++, Whatsapp ++, Youtube ++, among others.
  • Tweaked Apps: This category contains all tweaked apps and games such as Appvalley, Pokemon GO +, Monument Valley, Subway Surfers.
  • Other Applications: iCleaner, Battery Doctor, Kodi and several other applications that might be useful for users, and you can get a jailbreak tool like Pangu, Yalu.
  • Themes & Tweaks: This is a unique category where you can customize totally different iDevices with the help of a theme and several other Dock and wallpapers.

Download and Install Applications & Games from Cyrus Installer

Step 1) First unlock iPhone, iPad and open your Cyrus Installer.

Step 2) In the Cyrus Installer navigate to the Application section, where you can see various categories as above which I mentioned there.

Step 3) Click on any application or game that you want to download or install.

Step 4) After clicking on the application or game you will get a pop-up, tap on Install to start the installation process.

Step 5) Open the home screen, there you can see the application or game that you just installed.

Final Words

The Cyrus Installer Community is very helpful if you have trouble downloading or installing or operating applications. From your Mac, just open their site – and send comments about your questions or complaints and the developer will help you with your problem. Thanks for visiting.

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