Cydia Impactor iOS 12 on iPhone

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Cydia Impactor iOS – If you are an iOS user, once in a lifetime you might want to download applications from third-party sources. Downloading paid and cracked applications for free is not possible through the Apple application store. Jailbreaking is the only option that can be done to have access to third-party applications. If you have heard of jailbreak, you must have heard of Cydia and its applications.

Cydia helps you install applications on your iOS device from third-party sources. If you’ve ever heard of Cydia then you’ve probably heard of Cydia Impactor. Not everyone likes jailbreaking their iOS device, because it exposes your iPhone to several security threats. Are there applications that allow you to uninstall your device after jailbreaking? Yes there is one.

Cydia Impactor for iOS

Cydia Impactor is a utility application used to remove jailbreak and delete Cydia from your iOS device. He is also known as Cydia Eraser. The new Cydia Impactor update also helps Android users to rooting their device. Let’s look at some of the features offered by Cydia Impactor.

Features of Cydia Impactor

  1. Cydia Impactor’s user interface is simple and elegant.
  2. You can also use Cydia Impactor to root your Android device. You can even root the Android 2.3 version to Android 5.0 version. The rooting process through Cydia Impactor is simple. You will need a computer to root your device.
  3. You can bridge the connection between your computer and smartphone through Cydia Impactor.
  4. You can lock and unlock your device’s bootloader with Cydia Impactor.
  5. You get a default USB driver with Cydia Impactor.

These are some of the basic features offered by the application. You will get to know more when using the application yourself.

As we look at the features offered by Cydia Impactor. Now it’s time to find out how you can download applications on your iOS device. Here are 2 ways to download Cydia Impactor on your iOS device.

Method 1: How to download Cydia Impactor on iOS

Follow the steps below to download Cydia Impactor.

  1. Open the Safari Browser.
  2. Open the address bar and type “Cydia Impactor” and tap done.
  3. Now, you will see the Cydia Impactor website at the top of the search. Click that.
  4. Find the download button and click.

This is the first method used to download Cydia Impactor on your iOS device. Now, let’s look at the second method. We recommend that you use the 2nd method.

Method 2: How to download Cydia Impactor for iOS via Repo

It’s easy to download Cydia Impactor on iOS devices using this method. You can download Cydia Impactor on your iOS device for free. You can easily delete jailbreak from your device using Cydia Impactor. Follow the steps below to download Cydia Impactor on iOS.

  1. Open the Cydia Store Application on your iOS Jailbreak device. Click on the source at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Now, click ‘Edit’ then ‘Add’.
  3. Now, in Source Repo, a screen will appear asking you to add the source. Add the URL “” in the box. Click ‘Add’.
  4. Now, update the Cydia Sources list and find the source that you entered earlier.
  5. Now, you must Trust the application certificate to launch the application on your device.
  6. Go to Settings> General Settings> Profile and Device Management. Now, find the file and click to believe it.

You have successfully install Cydia Impactor on your iOS device. Open the application from the application list on your iOS device.

Now, some of you might be wondering how to use an application to delete jailbreak from your iOS device. Follow the article to find out.

How to use Cydia Impactor on your iPhone

Before we begin, make sure to back up all your important data. Performing this process will result in the erasing of all your data. After backing up your important data, follow the steps below to delete Jailbreak from your iOS device.

  1. Open Cydia Impactor or Cydia Eraser and click “Erase All Data”.
  2. Now find the “Unjailbreak Device” option and click on it. Now, Click on “Erase all data” to confirm the unjailbreaking process.
  3. Now, the jailbreak removal process will begin, it will take around 15-25 minutes. Be sure to plug your iOS device into a charger. Because this is the safest way to do this process or you can damage your device.
  4. Your iOS device will be rebooted many times during the process.
  5. Now, finally, after 20-25 minutes, you will get a welcome message. This means that the jailbreak removal process has been successfully completed.
  6. Now, enter your Apple ID and Password to manage your iOS device.

Final Words

This is a simple guide about Cydia Impactor. Using this guide, anyone can install and use Cydia Impactor on their computers and sideload third-party applications, and many other things not available on the App Store.

If you don’t have a computer or Mac OS and want to install this amazing and cool application to customize your device, then you can read our guide to Hipstore for iOS. This application store helps you install third-party applications without a computer or jailbreak.

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