Cydia Eraser for iOS 11

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Cydia Eraser iOS 11 – Downloading various applications on our smartphone has become a trend lately. This application is designed and developed in accordance with the operating system that we will use. Become an iOS user if you want to download third-party applications, you must jailbreak your device. And if you are going to jailbreak your device, it can cause a security threat on your iOS device.

So it’s always wise to use those applications that don’t require jailbreak procedures. But still you already have your device jailbreaked and now want to delete it; You can easily proceed with the help of the Cydia Eraser Tool. Cydia Eraser Tool is an amazing tool that allows you to delete jailbreak from your device. In this technical guide, today we will let you know about this new tool called Cydia Eraser.

Cydia Eraser iOS 11

Cydia Eraser is a free and open source application designed and developed by Saurik and therefore named Cydia Eraser after Cydia Impactor. The only thing you have to remember before going further with the process is to back up your device so that you can save your data in the event of data loss.

Cydia Eraser feature for iOS

  • This allows you to delete jailbreaks from your iOS device at a very high rate.
  • This tool does not require any Windows / Linux / Mac PC to download it on your device. You can directly download this tool on your jailbreak device.
  • This is one of the best tools available on the market that offers you the facility to restore your iPhone or iPad to the stock version.
  • The Cydia Eraser tool requires IPA files to recover your data.

Download and install Cydia Eraser on iOS

The process of downloading Cydia Eraser on your iOS device is very easy and you can easily follow this because this is a Cydia Store Tweak Simulator jailbreak that you can get easily without spending a cent. After you install this fantastic tool on your mobile, you can easily delete the jailbreak process without the help of a computer or IPSW file. Make sure that you have to back up all your data so you can easily restore it in the future.

  1. Open your Cydia Store application on your jailbreak device and then click the Source option available at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Now, select the Edit option followed by Add.
  3. A new window for Source Repo will open asking you to add a source there. Just add the URL: in the special box.
  4. After you’ve done that; now, click on the Add option to add this URL to your file.
  5. Now, update the Cydia source list and then verify about the source you have entered previously.
  6. Once done, now Trust the application developer certificate to launch the tweak.
  7. To do it; simply open your Settings option followed by General Settings and then move forward with the Device Profile and Management options.
  8. After finishing with that; now find the file name and then click to believe it.
  9. That is all. You have now successfully installed the Cydia Eraser tool on your device. Open this application from your iPhone’s home screen.

How to use the Cydia Eraser tool to jailbreak your iOS device

  1. Launch your Cydia Eraser tool and then click the Delete All Data option.
  2. Now, click the Unjailbreak Device button followed by clicking the Erase All button to confirm the jailbreak removal process.
  3. Deleting the jailbreak process will complete in about 20 minutes; so wait for the process to finish and after it’s done; Your iOS device will automatically reboot several times.
  4. You will get a Welcome message on the home screen after the jailbreak process is complete.
  5. After finishing with that; now add your Apple ID followed by a secure password to activate your iOS device activity.

Final Words

There she is. You can now utilize the jailbreak process provided above to get your device free from jailbreak and that too without using a computer or downloading IPSW files. Hopefully the information provided above will sort you out from various questions. If you have questions, please write in the comments column. Thanks for visiting.

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