Airshou App for iOS 10/11/12 Latest Version

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Here is a guide on how to download AirShou app for iOS 10 or iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without jailbreak.

Screen recording on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad is one of the most sought after features. But unfortunately, Apple has banned applications with features like that that make many users do not expect to find a recorder that is suitable to serve their needs. Although Apple has introduced a built-in screen recording feature on iOS 11, it doesn’t help those who are still using the iOS 10. An unbreakable version of AirShou IPA’s new guide for iOS 10 without jailbreaking is present. AirShou was previously available on Cydia but, you can install it on your iOS device using AirShou IPA without jailbreak. So follow this guide and install AirShou IPA for 10 and iOS 11 without jailbreak.

Airshou App for iOS 10

AirShou iOS Screen Recorder

As far as screencasting or recording applications are concerned. Apple does not allow any type of application in the App Store. So, we will download Airshou manually on the iPhone / iPad. Not from the app store. If you remember there is an application called screen recorder shou similar to this but it was stopped and stopped. Air Shou was released afterward and many users liked it.

The fact that this application is very well known is because it is easy to use and has decent features. This application will be great for if you are a technology YouTuber.

To download the Air Shou recorder for iOS, here are the steps.

AirShou Screen Recorder iOS Features

Before going to the procedure for downloading Airshou for iOS 10 or iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without jailbreak, let’s look at the application’s features.

  • It does not require iOS jailbreak to install Airshou Screen recorder.
  • Record high-quality video up to 60 frames per second.
  • Video resolution up to 1080p.
  • Record high-quality stereo sound from the screen.
  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Turn on the Battery and CPU.
  • It doesn’t use a lot of processor resources to run and is very efficient.

How to download AirShou app IPA for iOS 10 or iOS 11

The following is a guide for downloading AirShou IPA for iOS 10 and 11 on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Follow this guide and sideload AirShou IPA on iOS 10 and iOS 11.

  1. To download AirShou IPA for iOS 10, you must have a computer running Windows or MAC OS with the latest version of iTunes installed on it.
  2. Now connect your iOS Phone to PC with MAC or Windows + iTunes with using USB.
  3. Launch the browser on your PC and download the Cydia impactor from the link below provided, if you don’t already have one.
  4. Now, extract the downloaded file and save it safely on your PC.
  5. As a next step download the AirShou IPA file from the link below.
  6. Now from the extracted Cydia impactor file, right-click on the Impactor.exe file, the file that Cydia Impactor can execute and launch.
  7. If you are a Windows user simply click Run, don’t Run as Administrator. Doing this makes the Drag and Drop file not work in Windows 10.
  8. After launching Cydia Impactor will detect your device is connected, select your device from the drop-down.
  9. Now drag the downloaded AirShou IPA file and enter the Cydia impactor window.
  10. This will require logging in with an Apple ID developer account. You can log in with a free developer account or a full developer account. If you use a free Apple developer account ID, the application certificate will expire in 7 days. You must repeat the process after a week. So use the full Apple Developer account ID to make sure the certificate remains valid for one year. So, enter a valid Apple ID and password and click OK.
  11. Now you will get a warning, ignore it and click OK.
  12. Cydia Impactor will take the relevant certificate, digitally sign the IPA file and install it. This will take a long time to wait for the completion of the installation.
  13. After the installation is complete, open the Settings application and navigate to Settings> General> Device Profile & Management. On some versions of iOS, this will be Settings> General> Device Management or Settings> General> Profile and Trust the application.

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Download and Install AirShou Screen Recorder for iOS

  1. Unlock your iOS device. Connected to an internet connection.
  2. Open the safari browser and type the URL “” and search.
  3. The web page will load with the Airshou iOS 10 recorders for download.
  4. Scroll down Tap the Air Shou Install button.
  5. Confirm pop-up on the screen and Install the profile.
  6. Wait for some. When fully installed, Open the application drawer and launch.
  7. If it asks you to trust the company developer. Then open Settings >> General >> Professional / Device Administration and trust the profile.
  8. There she is. Enjoy Screen Recording with AirShou.

Final Words

That’s the procedure for downloading AirShou for iOS 10 on iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch. Follow this guide and install Airshou on your iOS device. If you have a problem with downloading AirShou, let us know in the comments so we can help you solve it. Share on social media if it means useful. Thank you for visiting us.

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